Aarp staying solid, but the rest of the Jays roster is showing signs of wear and tear

FOX Sports’ Adam Rubin and Dan LeBatard discuss how the Toronto Blue Jays have been holding onto the core of their rotation despite injuries and a hot start to the season.

Aarp is still getting his legs back to 100 percent, but he’s been in the starting rotation since he came off the DL in late June and is pitching well despite missing more than three weeks with an infection.

He’s allowed just one earned run in his last three starts.

And with a new, healthy bullpen, he’s also been pitching well.

“You just keep pushing it forward,” Aarp said, after Tuesday’s start against the Kansas City Royals.

“There’s no time to relax and you have to keep pushing.”

After the game, he added: “Just to keep going and pushing.

It’s all going to come.

It comes from just having that mindset and just going out there every day and doing what I can.

It just comes with time.

I think everybody is doing a good job.

The team is doing their best.

That’s what I think the guys have been working for.”

One of the biggest knocks on Aarp this season has been his velocity, but that could be starting to come back.

He posted a 1.69 ERA in 10 starts with the Blue Jays last season, and in that span, he allowed just eight earned runs in 18 innings, which included a no-decision against the Houston Astros.

But he said Tuesday that it was the lack of consistency from the bullpen that was the biggest problem.

“It’s not just the velocity.

It is also getting a lot of walks and that’s just something that I just need to work on,” he said.

“The other thing is, I think my fastball is down a little bit.

I was really struggling against lefties, so I just needed to just get it up and get out there and pitch against lefty hitters.”

Another issue is the durability of the rotation, as they’re still missing a starting pitcher and some key starters are out for extended periods of time.

With that in mind, the Blue Jay rotation could be able to get through a lot more games with one of the better arms in the game.

With an injury to Aarp, the Jays are hoping to be better when it comes to their rotation than they were with the rotation last season.

“I think it’s going to be a different group this year,” Aars said.