An Alessa Cara stay

By James Martin—The Associated PressA week after her husband, former California governor and current US senator, former Gov.

Jerry Brown, was found dead, the wife of Alessa Garcia-Lopez was on the verge of a divorce.

Alessa Garcia Lopez had spent the last four years as her husband’s chief of staff, his chief of mission, and as a senior adviser in the governor’s office.

She had also worked as a California State senator.

On Thursday, Alessa García Lopez filed for divorce, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing her attorney, William J. Hynes.

Hynes said Alessa was seeking to sever her marriage and that she would be “terminating her professional relationship with the governor and all other government employees and political appointees, including the governor, his staff and legislative staff.”

The couple have four children together: Alessa Jr., 12, a junior at Cal State Dominguez Hills; Alessa Estrada, 14, a senior at UC Berkeley; and Alessa Maria, 13, who is also a junior.

Alas, she had a plan for what to do with the couple’s four-year-old daughter.

She called the couple her “biggest fans.”

Alessa Garcia Lopez has also filed for a protective order against her husband.

It is unclear whether that order will have an effect on her husband and whether she will seek a divorce from him.

The divorce was a significant move for the former governor, who was known for his political prowess.

He had a strong support base in the state, and he also had some of the most powerful political connections in the country.

He also had a wife who was one of the country’s richest and most powerful women.

It was unclear if Garcia-Lago, who lived in the Santa Ana hills, would be leaving her husband to have a family, or if she would pursue a divorce with her husband before she decides on divorce.

The former governor did not respond to a request for comment.