Arizona’s $1M tax credit stays on hold, Arizona voters to decide

The state of Arizona is going to spend about $1 million in tax credits this year to help families stay in their homes.

That’s about one-third of the $1.5 million that the state has already spent on its family leave program.

The $1,000 credit goes to families who are eligible for it and costs $1 per day of work, or $400 per family per year.

It’s not yet clear if it will be used for new employees.

The state has not announced a date for when it will start issuing credits, or how much of the money it will spend on them.

Democrats have said the tax credit is a way to help more families stay home because it’s easier to file for unemployment insurance.

Republicans, who have opposed extending the state’s unemployment benefits, say the money is being used for more family leave.

The tax credit will be available for Arizona families earning up to $50,000 a year.

The credit covers up to 10 weeks of paid leave per year for workers earning up the state minimum wage, the minimum wage for low-wage workers and other low-income workers, and workers with disabilities.

The state has spent more than $7.4 million on unemployment benefits for workers who were out of work at least six months last year.

A number of the workers were employed full-time and had earned more than about $40,000 annually.

Last week, the state began paying a $100 rebate to anyone who had a valid Arizona driver’s license when they applied for the tax credits.

The federal government has extended the credit for some months.

The Arizona Democratic Party said in a statement that the tax incentives were meant to help low- and moderate-income families who have been left out of the job market because of their job status.

The party said the credit will “give them the opportunity to keep their jobs while they look for work.”

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