How to keep calm and stay salty in the fight against the flu

In a bid to stave off the spread of the flu, the US is taking measures to protect against its spread.

While there is no vaccine or cure for the flu pandemic, US authorities have been encouraging people to stay home and not get vaccinated.

Here are some tips to keep the virus from spreading in the US. 1.

Stay home from the beach.

US authorities are encouraging people not to go to the beach, particularly during the summer.

There is a risk of catching the flu if someone is at the beach during the flu season.


Don’t drink.

If you have been drinking, avoid drinking alcohol.


Do not let your kids play at the playground.

If children are not playing, then they should not be exposed to the flu.


Don.t let your dog eat food.


Do.t wear masks.


Avoid outdoor activities like swimming or biking.


Avoid working at a cafe or restaurant.


Don�t take your children to the doctor.


Don.�t take out the garbage or bring home trash.


Keep yourself cool.