How to Keep Talking About the Last Song of Your Life

You’ve been through a lot and you want to keep going, right?

You’ve had a bad day, lost a friend, lost your job, got a bad cold, been a loser, or just plain old you want a good night’s sleep, right, right.

But what if you need a break?

You need to keep talking about what’s going on.

That’s what “Stay in Touch” is all about, right!?

And, if you can’t find a way to keep up, the song will make you feel better.

The lyrics are so simple that even the most hardcore of fans will want to sing along to it as they continue their journey to recover.

The song’s lyrics are, “You gotta stay in touch with your feelings, keep talking to people/You gotta keep talking, you gotta keep thinking.”

Keep Talking About The Last Song Of Your Life (2014) on YouTube (Listen here: song is also one of the most popular songs on Twitter, with more than 3 million followers and nearly 1 million shares on the social media site.

So, if your favorite song isn’t on your playlist and you’re not sure what to do, you should definitely take a listen to this catchy song and be reminded of what you’re doing every day.