How to stay alive after a bad Marriott hotel stay

Stay alive after Marriott extended stay hotel stays can be a big headache.

Here are some tips that should help.

Stay vigilant.

The hotel staff will not treat you as an employee, so make sure you stay aware of what is going on with the hotel.

They might just be the hotel security guard.

You might not be allowed to call for help.

They can be rude or dismissive.

They may have an agenda.

You can also try to get out of the hotel early so you can call your friends or family and ask them to come and check on you.

Be persistent.

It can be difficult to stay calm and collected when you’re going through a hotel stay, so be persistent and give them time to find a solution.

Keep a journal.

Write down everything you’ve seen.

Try to stay organized.

You’ll have more information and can ask for help later.

Stay positive.

Remember that the hotel staff are there to help you, not to make you feel like you’re not a human being.

Keep your mind clear and calm.

Remember, staying alive is the most important thing.