How to stay awake when you’re in the dark

Stay awake and not fall asleep when you feel the coronaviruses virus is in the air.

Stay awake, stay strapped, stay in the car, stay glued to your television, and stay in your home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday that it will help keep people up during the pandemic by providing them with daily doses of the anti-coagulant.

Stay alert.

Keep up your conversation.

Stay connected.

Stay focused.

Stay alive.

Stay in touch.

Stay active.

The CDC has made it easy to find out how to stay in touch during the flu season.

People who are sick and have missed a few days of work can call 1-800-CDC-INFO and receive a text message that will give them a 24-hour window to get an emergency response.

The agency also said it will provide updates to people who are in the hospital, as well as the public, during the season.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavets pandemic.