How to stay cool while on the go in the wild

Stay cool while you go to the beach or take a daytrip to the zoo in the Philippines.

We’ve rounded up all the things you need to know to stay in style while out and about.1.

Wear your swimsuitWhen it comes to staying cool in the sun, you don’t need a swimsuit to get the job done.

You just need to be smart about wearing your swimwear appropriately, according to Zunera Jain, head of fashion for Zuneta.

Jain says it’s best to wear a hooded top, which is typically the most comfortable to wear.

This can be done in a number of ways, from wearing your shirt over your top or hood to just wearing a loose, buttoned shirt.2.

Take off your shoes and put on a pair of flip-flopsWhen you’re outside and it’s getting warm, put on your flip-floats.

This will help keep your feet cool, according the ZunETA fashion guide.3.

Use sunscreenWhen it’s raining outside, wear a sunscreen, like an SPF 30 sunscreen, Jain says.

This is especially important when you’re out and people are staring at you from the water.4.

Wear hats and sunglassesThe Zunetas fashion guide says that hats and glasses should be worn under your swimsuits.5.

Wear sunglasses that fit over your glasses when it’s dark outsideIf you want to keep cool while out in the open, wear sunglasses with a shade that covers your eyes and mouth.

If you’re going to be walking or riding a bike, wear them over your sunglasses to keep them clear.6.

Wear a scarfIf you don and can’t wear your own, wear one of these scarf pieces that are comfortable and light.

They’re great for when you want a bit of extra protection from the sun.7.

Wear sunscreen in hot weatherIf you’re feeling the heat, you can put on some sunscreen, but it’s not essential.

Just don’t wear too much.

Jain suggests wearing a sunscreen-free shade for the whole day, like a shade with no sunblock.8.

Don’t wear sunglasses outdoorsWhen you have a long, cold night, it can be hard to keep your eyes on the road, so you should be careful when you wear sunglasses indoors.

That said, Jains says that if you can, wear your sunglasses outdoors.