How to stay dog and dog-friendly at the Jackson Browne hotel

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay pet-friendly with the Jackson Browne Hotel and Resorts, the hotel and hotel amenities in Toronto.

read moreStay safe, keep your furry friends happy, and get more out of your stay with the hotel, hotel amenities and services.

Here are some things to keep in mind when staying with Jackson Browne:A.

Jackson Browne’s Dog Friendly RulesJackson Browne has a dog-free policy at the hotel.

Pets are permitted on the property, but must be on a leash and under a collar.

If a pet is found on property, the owner will be issued a $100 ticket.

Dogs must be kept on leash and caged for the duration of the stay.


The Hotel’s Guest Rooms are Dog FriendlyJackson Browne’s Guestrooms have a dog friendly policy, with no dogs allowed in rooms and on property.

Cats, dogs, and other animals must be in a crate or on a harness.

Cats and dogs must be supervised by a responsible adult when in a room.


Jackson and Associates is Pet-FriendlyJackson Browne is pet-responsible with all of its properties, including all hotels and suites.

To stay pet friendly, Jackson Browne has adopted the following guidelines:• If you are staying at Jackson Browne, follow the following rules to stay pet responsible:• Do not leave your pet in a hotel room unattended for more than four hours.• Do ensure your pet is in a separate room from your other guests.• Make sure pets are secured and in a cage in their own rooms.• Keep pets inside the hotel room at all times.• Use the hotel’s Petsafe app to find the nearest animal shelter or rescue group.• Visit Jackson Browne.

The hotel has a number of pet-safe resources.

Check out Jackson Browne Guest Rooms’ Pet Friendly section to learn more about the hotel pet policy.

Stay safe and stay healthy at Jackson Brown’s Pet-friendly hotel.