How to stay safe in your car while you’re travelling abroad

Travellers should have some form of security in their cars while they’re travelling internationally.

A recent report from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) found that many cars are no longer considered safe for travellers when they’re used to travel on them.

This means a driver is no longer expected to check the airbag, the vehicle’s sensors or the brakes, or even maintain a backup plan.

A driver is not required to have a backup.

The IATA’s new Safety Checker (SSC) is designed to make sure cars have the same level of security.

Here’s how to make your own security checklist.

The SSC is designed specifically for car travel, and it is free to download and print.

The safety checklist can be downloaded and printed at home, or you can download the SSC and print it from an office or at the airport.

A security checklist includes all the necessary information to make a secure vehicle.

It includes: a checklist for airbag deployment, brake pads, and airbags, including how to deploy them and what their safety ratings are