Obama, Trump strike deal to avoid federal shutdown

Trump and the Republicans are poised to strike a deal to avert a government shutdown, averting a shutdown and avoiding a debt default on the country’s debt, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The deal could be announced as early as Wednesday, the newspaper reported.

The agreement, which is expected to include a provision allowing Congress to fund the government through October, would save taxpayers about $500 billion, according the Journal.

A White House official told the paper the deal was likely to be announced by the end of the day, adding that the deal would be contingent on Congress passing a spending bill.

The move would be seen as a significant victory for Republicans, who are in the midst of a debt-ceiling fight and have been trying to avoid a shutdown by blocking any increase in the debt ceiling.

Trump, in his address to Congress on Wednesday, pledged to get the deal through Congress before Thanksgiving and said that he would keep working to find a way to raise the debt limit without a shutdown.

The White House, however, has not announced any further details about the deal.