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Title: Ghost IconPack v1.8 APK (Patched)
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"Icon packed para sa mga taong na ghost at mahilig mang ghost" [Image: 1f61b.png][Image: 270c.png]


Ghost IconPack is going to bring a complete difference to your phone. You can easily change the entire icon system of the applications on your device by accessing this application, making them more beautiful and new. Not only application icons but also wallpapers as well as many other special features are also integrated into this application. If you are a lover of the new or are looking to change the old style of your device a bit, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Update 1.4
Version 1.4 is the 6th updated version since the application was launched, which shows the continuous improvement coming from the publisher. In this update, users have the opportunity to experience more than 75 new icons. Some new wallpapers are also added. Along with that is the history of improving the old icons, bringing something new and more trendy.

Simplicity is what sets this app apart. Not using many colors, but only taking black and white as the main color, but thanks to the creativity in design, the icons in the application are extraordinary. Although the airy images seem simple, the lines, details, and ideas to create them are full of aesthetics and elaborate.

The application also provides additional tools such as screen transition mode, dynamic calendar support, etc… The tools on this application are all oriented to maximum simplicity, so the storage capacity of this application is also meager, does not heat up or lag for your device. However, to own it, you need to pay a small fee, but this amount is undoubtedly too cheap compared to the benefits that the application brings.

Download link:https://modyolo.com/download/ghost-iconpack-13518

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