Stay home coronvirus stays away from Orlando as stay-at-home laws remain in place

Stay-at “family-friendly” stay-away laws remain intact in Florida, where there are no stay-home rules.

In an interview with News24, state officials said the stay- away rule has been in place since the late 1990s.

In fact, state lawmakers passed a measure to extend the stay away rule after a coronavision patient was hospitalized in Florida in 2014.

The stay- home rule was enacted to protect patients from getting sick from staying home because they are not well enough to travel.

Stay at home laws also have been in effect in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

But in those states, the stay home rule only applies to a limited number of circumstances, such as when a person is in a hospital, or in a vehicle, or when a hospital patient needs to be isolated, according to a spokesperson for the state health department.

Stay-home law has also been in force in Pennsylvania, where it has been widely criticized.

A bill in 2016 to expand the stay out-of-home ban was passed by the state Senate but stalled in the House of Representatives.

Pennsylvania law requires a stay- at home order to be approved by the local health department before an individual can be transported out of state, but the Department of Public Health has discretion to waive the stay in the event of a “probable, substantial and imminent threat to the health or safety of the general public,” according to its website.

State health officials in Pennsylvania have not yet released any data on how many people have been affected by the stay at home rule, though a spokesperson said they believe there are about 100 people a year who are staying home.

Stay away from home law in New York, where the rules remain in effect.

Stay at home “is the law of the land in New Mexico,” according a spokesperson with the New Mexico Department of Health and Human Services.

Stay home is not the only law that stays out of the way of the public.

In Colorado, a law passed in 2018 bans residents from leaving the state without first obtaining an emergency stay order.

And in Nevada, a state statute prohibits people from traveling without first being issued an emergency order.

Stay out of trouble.

Stay out of harm’s way.

Stay safe from getting a cold, a flu, a coronacide, or any other serious illness.