The Best Things To Do With Your Day In California

California, it seems, is a state of mind.

While there are plenty of places to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day, there are also a lot of people who are working in the fields, tending to crops, and working the night shift.

This is particularly true in areas where it can get very cold, and it can be very hard to stay at home on the weekends when you’re working.

Luckily, Cali has a lot to offer on the weekend as well.

Here are the best things to do on the road with a bit of planning and inspiration: Get your car ready to take you anywhere.

For a road trip, the most popular destinations are Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

If you’re driving a sedan, you’ll likely be able to get a parking spot if you can find one, but if you want to go anywhere in the country, it’s best to get yourself some road-legal vehicles, such as a hatchback, SUV, or crossover.

For more information on how to plan your trip and how to get ready for it, check out our Cali Road Trip Guide.

Go to the movies.

While it’s a great time to go see the latest blockbuster, the best time to visit the big screen is on weekends.

If the weather is clear and the movie is showing, you can go see The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and The Hobbit, which will all be playing in theaters over the next few days.

Also, you should definitely check out movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 if you’re into the superhero genre.

Check out these other great road trip movies.

Be a good friend to everyone.

Whether you’re heading home or out of town, there’s no better way to spend the weekend than with friends.

If your local bar or restaurant is closed, you may have to take to the street to make a new friend, so make sure you know where everyone is, so you can make your way to your destination safely.

Also try not to make eye contact with anyone who doesn’t know you.

This will help you avoid the dreaded eye contact bug, which can turn into a real problem when people start staring at you.

Check local laws.

Be safe.

California has a strict driving code that will definitely keep you safe.

While the state of California is one of the most car-friendly states in the United States, the laws vary depending on the city and the region in which you’re traveling.

It’s important to make sure that your car is equipped with safety features and that you follow all the safety rules that the state has for drivers, especially in urban areas where the traffic patterns can be chaotic and unpredictable.

If a driver doesn’t comply with a safety rule, you could be fined and you could even be arrested.

The rules are simple: If you are driving without a license, you must stop and not pass a stop sign or yield to a pedestrian.

If someone stops you and you are not moving, the person has the right of way and can drive on the right side of the road.

If two people stop and you aren’t moving, one of you has the same right of access as the other, and the other must yield the right-of-way to you.

You can also run a red light if you see it coming, but it’s up to you whether to run it or not.

Be courteous.

When you’re getting out of the car, make sure to be courtean.

That means make sure no one is staring at or talking to you and don’t make eye contacts or give other people too much attention.

It also means that it’s not okay to make rude or rude or offensive comments.

The California Highway Patrol has posted guidelines on their website for making a polite and courteously behaved driver, but in general, make the following suggestions: Don’t get in someone else’s way.

Do not make other drivers do anything.

Do what you’re told.

When a driver is doing their job, you are supposed to listen and act accordingly.

Be respectful and don`t make others feel uncomfortable.

The best way to do this is to keep your distance.

Be aware of your surroundings and be attentive.

If there are people in the roadways or in the vicinity of your destination, be aware of the people around you and be careful not to get too close.

If it’s your first time to California, you might want to think about getting a driver’s license before you go, and keep in mind that the law has a number of exceptions that allow you to get your license before getting out.