The Democrats are coming for your guns

More than one million people attended the Women’s March on Washington, a record turnout for a protest of any size in the nation’s capital.

But that’s not what motivated the women’s march, the president’s decision to end the Affordable Care Act, or President Donald Trump’s call to defend himself.

Instead, the most prominent female demonstrators were a group of African American and Latino activists from the Black Lives Matter movement, who took to the streets of the nation to denounce the killing of a Black man by police in Louisiana.

On Friday, a group calling itself the Black Liberation Army held a rally outside the White House calling on President Donald Trumps supporters to show up in support of the movement.

The Black Lives Matters group has been critical of Trump, who has said he supports Black Lives, and his policies toward the African-American community.

It is not known if Trumps daughter, Ivanka, was at the march.

In a Facebook post Friday, Trumps chief of staff, Reince Priebus, said the president was “not here to talk about Black Lives.”

He added: We want a peaceful demonstration of our support for the Black community.

This is not about race.

This was a peaceful march.

It was not about hatred.

This event is about unity.

The march was not an act of protest.

It’s not about racism.

This march is about our desire for a better future for our communities.

The BLM group, which was not on the march, posted photos of several protesters holding signs that read: “Justice for Alton Sterling,” “We’re all Alton,” and “We are Black.”

Protesters also carried signs that included the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackWomenFirst.

At the march on Saturday, many black women held signs with slogans such as #ImWithAltonSterling, which is a reference to the video in which a white man shot and killed Sterling.

BLM protesters were outnumbered by a group that had gathered outside the march to show support for Sterling.

The group included several women in their 30s and 40s who wore black hoodies and jeans, while some wore hoodies or hats to show their support for Alondra.

The women were protesting against the “three strikes” rule, which allows police to hold people for a third time for a traffic offense.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, police at the rally used pepper spray on protesters who were throwing rocks and bottles.

The Associated Press also reported that several police officers were injured in the melee.

Protesters chanted “not my president” and “black lives matter.”

The Associated Public Affairs reported that at least four people were arrested.

The LA Times reported that police officers also used batons and pepper spray against protesters.

The protest was organized by the National Action Network, a Black nationalist group.

The protesters also held a “black pride” event in which they held a parade in which participants carried flags bearing the names of people who have died in police custody.

The rally was held at a park just outside the U.S. Capitol, a location not covered in police security, which police said they did not use.

At least one person was arrested.

In addition to the BLM march, there was a demonstration at the White Houses gates that included speakers including Vice President Mike Pence, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, and the former NAACP president, Ben Jealous.

Trump’s remarks about Black people were met with condemnation by some on the left and right.

Black Lives Matter, which had planned to protest the president at the Capitol, canceled the event.

Many Democrats in Congress have spoken out against Trump’s policies.

Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida tweeted that Trump’s comments were “disgraceful.”

Wilson also called for the President to be impeached.

Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida, a Democrat, tweeted that “Trump must be impeced for this,” adding that the president should resign from office.

Rep, Adam Schiff of California, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, also tweeted that the comments were unacceptable and called for impeachment.

“If there was any doubt, the President of the United States is unfit to hold public office and should resign,” Schiff wrote.

CNN reported that Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, called Trump’s statements “deeply disturbing and dangerous.”

“This is an assault on our democracy,” Johnson said.

“We cannot allow this president to continue to lead our country.”

On Saturday, a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tweeted that Rep., Adam Schiff, a member of Congress from California, called for Trump’s impeachment and that he should resign over the comments.