We are in the midst of a ‘live music’ craze – but where will it all go?

We’re in the middle of a “live music” craze, but where it will go is anyone’s guess.

But that’s where we are right now. 

What we do know is that our live music scene has exploded in the past couple of years, with an estimated 100 new venues coming online each month. 

The number of venues is still pretty small compared to the amount of music being played, but with so many new venues to play and so many more people going to see music than ever before, we can see how this is playing out. 

However, there are certain rules you must abide by if you want to get into the club, and the more rules you break, the more likely you are to get kicked out.

So, for starters, we have to have a decent number of chairs, tables and chairs for our live musicians. 

If we have a band or two in the house, we will need to pay them a fee to get in. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re on the road or not, if they are booked on a Thursday or Friday night, they have to pay. 

And when they’re not, they are required to pay to access the club. 

We also have to adhere to the rules that are set by the club’s licensing committee. 

“If we don’t follow these rules, then the club is not going to have the permission to operate,” says Lizzie Blyth, the head of licensing at the Big Bash League. 

So, as the music scene continues to grow, the rules get more strict.

“The more rules that we break, then we get thrown out of the club,” she says. 

Blyth is currently working on a new rule that will go into effect in September that will require people to get permission to play music from the club to the outside world. 

She says it’s one of the toughest rules to implement.

“It’s very hard to change and it’s not easy for people to understand and accept.”

If people don’t understand what that rule is, then they can get in trouble and get kicked,” she adds. 

A club is a venue, not a private home, and so any restrictions on music outside the club must be put into place by the licensing committee, not the club itself. 

There are a lot of rules that need to be followed in the clubs that have sprung up, but there are also rules that will need some tweaking.”

You’ve got to be aware that some venues have very small spaces, and if they don’t have chairs or tables, then you’ve got a problem,” says Blyst. 

Lizzie says that a lot more than just rules are at play when it comes to licensing and banning people from the venue.”

We’ve got lots of rules in place.

We’ve got rules that you have to follow, and those rules need to have some sort of enforcement mechanism,” she explains. 

For example, if someone is coming in and playing music and they are a licensed player and not someone that wants to be there, then that will get them kicked out, regardless of what the rules are. 

You might get kicked in for getting in too early, or not having enough food or a space to sit down and listen to music. 

That kind of thing can be frustrating, but at the end of the day, the licensing team is going to make the final call, and there are plenty of things that the licensing company will look at when making decisions. 

But if you’re just going to be in the club and not paying your fee, that’s fine. 

All clubs, like any other venue, have to be licensed and the rules need be followed, says Bylth. “

If you’re coming in at 4am, you shouldn’t be banned,” says Ms Blyt. 

All clubs, like any other venue, have to be licensed and the rules need be followed, says Bylth. 

This is not to say that a club isn’t worth a try.

“The clubs are very different than a private party,” she laughs. 

They’re designed to cater for different audiences, and a venue that has been around for a while and is well established, like the Big Bang in Melbourne, can be a great choice for people who want to go out for a few hours. 

With so many clubs popping up all over the country, it’s hard to know exactly where to start, but for now, you can enjoy music while you can. 

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