What the stay woke memes mean for your life

A lot of the time, the meaning of the words “stay woke” or “stay fly” is very specific and subjective.

For example, if you say “stay wake,” it’s more about the idea of waking up than it is about the location.

In fact, the “stay wakes” meaning is actually much more general and can mean any number of things.

“Stay fly” means you’re flying in a small airplane with a small number of passengers.

If you say, “stay awake,” you’re talking about getting up from a bed and getting to the next person, and you may have to use the restroom.

“Sleep” also refers to sleeping for a long period of time.

It can mean a long time in bed, sleeping in the same room, and sleeping at the same time.

There are a lot of different meanings for “stay out” and “stay home.”

“Stay home” is usually more general in meaning, and is also often associated with people living in a big house, or living in the suburbs.

There’s also a lot more ambiguity in how to define the term “stay up.”

The term can refer to getting up early to go to a party, or it can refer simply to going to the gym.

You can say, for example, “Stay up and watch a movie.”

But if you’re in a house, it may not be enough.

It may be a better idea to get up and go to work.

So, “sleep” can be a much broader term, and can refer, for instance, to staying up late to go grocery shopping, or staying up until the early hours of the morning to go on a hike.

Stay woke is also a term that can be associated with staying up for long periods of time, which is often seen as a more positive attitude than “stay asleep.”

It also means that you’re staying awake during a time when other people are asleep.

The same goes for staying home.

A lot can be said about the meaning behind the word “stay.”

“Be woke” can mean being awakened at 4:30 in the morning by someone who wakes you up in the middle of the night.

You could say, instead, that the word is more about being in a situation where you’re getting up in time to go outside, or being in an area that’s quiet and free of distractions.

It’s also about being alert and ready to react if you need to.

The “stay” part of stay woke refers to staying awake until the next morning, and the “fly” part refers to flying after a night out.

But both of these words can refer either to staying at home, or going to a place where you want to stay until you wake up.

You’ll find a lot to like in these definitions.

The key is to think about what the meaning is.

When you’re using these words, you’re saying, “I’m staying up in this place that’s free of the distractions that might come from going to work, or getting up late.”

It’s a lot easier to find the right word for a situation that you find yourself in than to try and define it on the spot.

So use these definitions with caution, because there are a ton of other meanings for them.

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