Why I’m leaving the White House

I’m tired of the Trump White House.

I’m a political junkie, but I have no patience for this administration.

They’ve been too willing to play the victim to the left.

I have a lot of sympathy for the White house staff and their efforts to deflect criticism and deflect blame.

The press corps is trying to be too fair to the president and to himself.

It’s frustrating to see the president go off on Twitter, blaming a fake media for his problems.

And I’m just tired of watching the Trump administration, in a year that was supposed to be a big year for the country, take every bit of credit they could get and blame every single thing that happened on the press.

And then blame themselves for it.

Trump is the worst president ever.

And he is a real loser.

I love Trump, but he has lost his way.

I just don’t see how he can stay in office for a long time.

I don’t think he has the temperament to do it.

I think he’s lost his nerve.

And this administration is a disaster.

It is a big distraction.

The president should step down and go home to his family.

I’ll continue to work on issues that matter to me.

I can’t wait to get back to Washington.

But I’m ready to get off this job.

I would love to stay and help with the press, but my life is better.

I get the feeling that this administration has lost their grip on reality.

I wish they would stop making excuses.

They are just not delivering what the American people want and deserve.

They can’t afford it.

The real reason I’m quitting the White Senate is because I can no longer trust the president.

I was hoping that I could come back to the Whitehouse.

I could work with Trump to get things done.

I’ve had a lot to say to him.

I believe he can be a good president, but this White House has lost its way.

They’re playing the victim and deflecting blame.

I do believe the president’s policies will continue to hurt America.

I truly believe that.

They continue to take our jobs, hurt our economy, and undermine our national security.

I am tired of it.

If Trump was a regular guy, I’d be in his office every day working to help the American workers.

But the president is not a regular person.

He has lost all his moral compass.

He is an absolute pathological liar.

His administration has destroyed the fabric of our country.

I cannot vote for him.

He’s a total failure.

The only reason I am leaving is because he’s no longer going to protect our country and defend the Constitution.

Trump has betrayed his own country.

He stole our election, and he will never be held accountable for it, because he has no shame.

The American people deserve better.

It has never been a secret that Trump is a weak, incompetent, racist, and dangerous man.

He deserves to be impeached.

The President has betrayed the American citizenry, and I cannot support him in the WhiteHouse.

And the only way I can support him is to be an independent voice in the Senate.