Why you should avoid the long-term stay of a job in Phoenix

When I first heard about the Phoenix jobs boom, I was initially skeptical.

It sounded a lot like the job boom in other cities.

The Phoenix metro area is already home to more than a million people.

But the numbers were different, especially when you consider the job creation in Arizona.

I have been in Phoenix for over 20 years and have seen some of the biggest changes in the Phoenix metro region, including: 1. 

The number of job seekers dropped drastically.

This is a big deal. 

Phoenix has seen a huge decline in job seekers. 

In 2016, the job market was looking for 1,300 people per week. 

Today, that number is just over 600.


More jobs were created in Phoenix in 2017 than in any year since the Great Recession.


There are more jobs in Phoenix than in the entire state of Michigan.


Most Phoenix businesses were profitable in 2017, and there are more businesses per capita than in Michigan.5. 

 Phoenix is the fastest growing city in the US. 6. 

Businesses are hiring and hiring, even if they are hiring only in certain types of jobs.


According to one analysis, Phoenix has the largest non-farm payroll in the state.


Almost all of the Phoenix growth in the past two years has been in health care.


Many employers are offering flexible hours for workers who want to work more than 10 hours per week and are looking for a higher pay increase.10. 

Employers are looking to hire people with more experience, and Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing cities for people with less than 20 years of experience.

The Phoenix area is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 8,000 jobs this year. 

A new report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the unemployment rate for people age 16 and older in Phoenix has dropped to 4.4 percent.

There is plenty of room for growth for the area as Phoenix sees a boom in tourism, and with the metro area expected to be the fastest moving metropolitan area in the country, that means there is plenty to offer workers who are looking. 

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